Icelandair Special Children's activities are based on the ideas and work of Peggy Helgason, wife of Sigurður Helgason, long-time CEO of Icelandair Group and chairman of the Icelandair Group, but Peggy has for many years worked as a volunteer in pediatric hospitals in Reykjavik and supported families with a number of disadvantaged families.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Icelandair Special Children Fund and is Sigurður Helgaon Chairman of the Board. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is the protector of the fund.
The goal of the fund is to give the chronically ill children or children living in difficult conditions, and their families, an opportunity to go on a dream trip that they would otherwise not have the opportunity.

At the delivery ceremony, Icelandair Flight Attendants Choir entertained with a song. As in the recent granting of the grants, the Sambíó cinema gave the children a movie ticket.

The Special Children Fund is funded by a direct financial contribution from Icelandair, voluntary donations by members of Saga Club Icelandair who can donate their Saga Club Points, through the collection of coins on board Icelandair aircraft, the sale of the Special Children Fund Angel onboard Icelandair aircraft and Keflavíkur airport collect for the Fund. Free donations and events collection support the Fund.

Each allocation from the fund includes a trip for the child and their family, and all expenses are paid - flights, accommodation, daily allowance and entrance fees for special events the child requests.